1What is the admission process?
The first step is to register the student by submitting the completed application form available on our school website.
2What is the next step after registration?
After submission of the application form, the parent will get an intimation mail informing the date for interaction session/entrance test for the student.
3Which grades will have to write an entrance test?
The Montessori and Kindergarten, the student will have to attend an interaction session with the academic team. The activities conducted would be assessed age appropriately in terms of communication, motor, perceptual and analytical skills.
The Grades I to VIII students will have to complete the entrance test for securing the admission at our school.
• For grade I to II -The portions/content covered in the entrance exam would be grade appropriate and conducted in English, Math, and EVS.
• For grades III to VIII - The portions/content covered in the entrance exam would be grade appropriate and conducted in English, Math, Science, Social Science and chosen II Language.
4What one has to carry for the interaction/entrance test?
a. The printed copy of the acknowledgement receipt of the registration completed at NPS-ITPL.
b. Hard copy of the birth certificate,
c. Hard copy of the last three years report cards (if applicable)
5When would the parents receive admission confirmation mail from the school?
Within the fortnight on the completion of the entrance test; if the student has secured the seat; the admission confirmation mail would be sent.
6What are the various streams of pre-primary courses of NPS ITPL?
There are two streams of pre-primary courses which run parallel:
a. Montessori
b. Kindergarten
7What is Montessori Method of teaching?
Montessori Method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori based on the age appropriate observations and life skill development of each child. Various subjects are taught with scientifically designed materials to enhance holistic education.
8How many years is the Montessori programme?
Montessori is a three-year programme (Montessori I, Montessori II, Montessori III) after which students are promoted to Class I. The curriculum and methodology promote life-skills and acquiring academic readiness towards grade I.
9What would be the age criteria for admission to Montessori-I and Nursery?
The age criteria for admission to Montessori-I and Nursery is 2.5 years to 3.5 years.
10What is Kindergarten Programme?
Education techniques in Kindergarten are customized to suit the needs of children. The best of various educational approaches like Waldorf education, Reggio Emilia approach, Glenn Doman technique and other techniques are adapted to enhance the capabilities of children.
11How many years is the Kindergarten programme?
Kindergarten is a three-year programme (Nursery, LKG (K-I) and UKG (K-II), on completion the students are promoted to grade I.
12What would be the age limit for the admission to (LKG) Kindergarten - I?
The age criteria for admission to (LKG) Kindergarten - I is 3.5 years to 4.5years.
13The academic year followed at NPS-ITPL?
The academic year is from June to March.
14What are the timings of the school?
a. Montessori and Kindergarten - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
b. Grades 1 - 12 - 8:00 am to 3 pm
15What are the Language options offered by the school?
a. Students need to choose a second language from Grade I. The school offers Hindi or Kannada as a Second Language.
b. From Grade-V onwards, the third language will be introduced. The choices of subjects are Hindi, Sanskrit and Kannada.
16What is the Co - Scholastic and Extra Curricular Activities conducted?
The Co-Scholastic Activities are included in the daily time table. Sports, Music, Theatre, Dance, Public Speaking, Art are few of the activities conducted at NPS-ITPL.
17How many students are there in a class?
a. Pre-primary - 28-30 students with two teachers,
b. Primary - 30-32 students
c. Secondary - 32-35 students
18Would the notebooks and textbooks be provided by the school?
The books are distributed by the school. Before the opening of the school, details of the books issue will be notified on the School parent portal and the website.
19How should the notebooks and textbooks be covered?
For Classes - KG I, KG II, Classes 1 and 2:
* Notebooks need not to be covered.
* Textbooks must be covered with plain brown sheet.
* Stick labels on the top right hand corner of the textbook.
* Mention the name of the student and class on the label. The section and the subject will be entered later.
* Refrain from using fancy labels.
For Classes - 3 to 12:
* Notebooks need not to be covered.
* Textbooks must be covered with plain brown sheet.
20Where would we need to purchase the school uniforms?
For Uniforms Contact 'Vivek Tailors' on - 23232129 / 32712828
21When does my ward wear the house/sport uniform and regular school uniform?
a. Sports/House uniform on the days of sports periods (the timetable to be referred);
b. School uniform to be worn on other working days.
c. School winter jacket ONLY to be used.
22What type of shoes has to be purchased for my ward?
a. Shoes for Montessori and KG:
Boys/Girls : Bata Black shoes with Velcro
No sports shoe for Kindergarten
b. Shoes for grades 1 to 12:
Boys and Girls : Bata black shoes with Velcro with regular uniform
Boys and Girls : Bata white shoes with Velcro with sports uniform
23How are the fees to be paid?
Fees should be paid by Banker's Cheque / Demand Draft.
24Are there any school bus transport facilities?
School Transport is available. Please Contact 'Sam Tours & Travels'
- Mr. Saurabh V
Help Desk no: 9742238811
25How will I pay the registration fee? Is the fee refundable.
Registration fee can be paid online. The fee is not refundable.
26What are the safety precautions followed at the school?
The school is monitored with 24 hrs. CCTV surveillance, compounded building, lady security guard, security-controlled entry and exist.